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Reflection #1/Digital Receipt #7/Digital Receipt #7/Reflection #1

Reflection #1, Digital Receipt #7

Posted by Ashraf Alam on

1) My audience was my classmates and my Professor. I wanted to use formal language for obvious reasons: it was an assignment; however, I wanted to target people who have also struggled with higher-level English courses (AP) to resonate with them more. People who have taken AP Literature or AP language: my Professor, classmates, and anyone reading this piece of work.

2) The first and foremost would be my writing skill and style, writing scientific papers for my high school career. It was challenging at first to develop another style and form that was not always in the active voice/pronouns like I or us in the paper. It was a learning curve for me. I developed analyzing skills, formatting skills, how to make my paper flow, and how to smoothly transition into ideas without slashing paragraphs. My grammar also developed; although I was somewhat proficient and confident in my grammar before, after the course, I understand the formalities of grammar and have a deeper understanding of literary composition.

3) Certain authors and their points of view stood out to me since that was the biggest learning curve, understanding to make their point of view “talk” while trying to prove your point of view/lens impacted my writing and understanding of the article or piece of writing. The context of the articles also mattered since an author may say something that supports your claim, but the statement itself wasn’t about your claim; it only unintentionally supports it. Some may then argue that the piece of evidence does not support your claim: I am assuming that they support my claim without any actual proof.

Reflection #1/Digital Receipt #7/Digital Receipt #7/Reflection #1

Digital Receipt #7 (Reflection #1)

Posted by Derek on

       This story will greatly reflect me on a chapter in my life where I had to develop and face a tough challenge that I still must deal with at this day in age, my pronunciation between 2 of my languages of English and Spanish. My problem with having to learn how to speak 2 different languages while learning how to speak in general as well has always bothered me and affected my mental health for a while which caused me to seek out for professional help at my school for years. My audience that I want to listen to my story are those who have had the same problems with my speaking would be those students and even adults who must try living a life especially in the United States where everyone is diverse and are from many countries around the world. 

       I want my story to reach those who don’t feel comfortable speaking up and trying to learn how to socialize in public since speaking to others is a normal deed in our society. My reflection on taking steps to better develop my grammar with English and Spanish especially since both I must use in my daily life and in my household brings back many memories on the struggles on my path to better myself socialize and not shy away those who have wanted to talk to me. Some of the meaningful insights that I’ve reflected from my story would be my young 4-year-old self-trying to make it through and learn how to talk to people like a normal person. This important insight helps look back at the time where I couldn’t determine between the words “there” and “theirs” and shows that till this day I struggle with pronunciation and grammar. These insights like reflecting how much better I am with socializing with people and proving to myself that by having practice with something will better help my life for the future. 

     To conclude my stressful young story, some terms like pathos and ethos would better reflect the way I could be able to have this story reach out to others that could relate to me and understand how stressful life would have been. Pathos was shown in the story trying to express my emotions from distress to anger for the times I’ve tried my hardest learning at a young age for about 3 years and was the hardest class I’ve had to get through and learn English and Spanish grammar at the same time. Ethos would be proven to show others that my story could be related to others and have more trust in my story since I did grow up with immigrant parents in a household only speaking Spanish and having to learn English as well. 

Reflection #1/Digital Receipt #7/Digital Receipt #7/Reflection #1

Cover Letter

Posted by Teresa Calcano on

Teresa Calcano

My audience was targeted students who are minorities who ever felt lost in their own community. I tailored my language and rhetorical choices to appeal to them by sharing the stress I endured during my trip. The meaningful insight I gained through writing this assignment is learning to write in the first-person point of view at a specific moment. The purpose of my writing impacted my learning and my writing because It reminds me to stay on track and find new ideas on the subject I’m writing about.

Reflection #1/Reflection #1

Assignment #1 – Multimodal Language and Literacy Narrative

Posted by Samar Normand (she/her) on

Samar Normand

Assignment #1: Multimodal Language and Literacy Narrative

In my junior year of high school, our final assignment was to create a piece of art: poem, song, writing, etc, on topic of The Great Gatsby. I chose to make a mini booklet (2-4 pages) of different short poems relating to the different perspectives of Gatsby, Daisy, the Green light. I spend hours attempting to come up with a “good poem”, after speaking to my father who writes poetry in his own time, I became inspired and began to find a groove to my writing. When I take the subway in the city, I will often see short poetry at the end of the cart and I always stop to take a photograph. Reading these little words of wisdom, on a day where I feel down, truly is enlightening, encouraging and inspiring. A key moment language and literacy moment I had was during the summer of 2019. I was sitting alone in my grandmas apartment and thinking about how lonely I felt, especially due to social media. I sat on the corner of the bed and wrote my first short poem in 10 minutes. “Its a sick ailing feeling, opening these devices which should be used as tools of comfort but instead obliterate pure beauty. We gaze into the very souls of these instruments longing for acceptance, we crave synthetic validation, tangible moments become lost and passionate bonds are broken. It does more than destroy interconnection, but can shatter an innocent beautiful mind. Time is wasted scrolling mindlessly through distorted images and false personas. The touch between one and another is slowly fading. It will taunt your inner being and trick your mind into thinking you adore it, when you only ever admired the feeling of affinity.” — This is a poem I felt very overwhelmed but very proud of. It was very emotional writing about this as I have my fair share of struggles with social media and at times it is hard to accept the truth. Someone who contributed and connected to my language and literacy was my senior year high school English teacher. Mr. Abrams was always incredibly supportive and creative, he encouraged me to dig deeper and keep writing. 

Reflection #1/Reflection #1

Cover Letter

Posted by Shaoqin Li (He/him) on

To: Professor Evans, and my dear classmates

During writing this assignment, I know I am writing this for everyone in the class to see my experience. So I need to make sure my tone and my format and language are not too formal but not too casual, I have to control in a sense of storytelling. So the format of my writing will be presented as a story with my thoughts included and I also attached some pictures for people to have an idea of what I am really talking about instead of just lines of sentences.

As I am writing my assignment, I am actually kind of lost and not really happy with what I wrote because it was messed up, the lacking of vocabulary had cause me to fail in expressing my feeling and thoughts about what I saw and experienced. Also, the structure of this assignment is not assigned well and it might cause the readers to get lost in my point and idea. Also, I am always repeating the same idea over and over again in my writing, I guess it was a bad habit that I always had. It’s existence just to fill out the word requirements lol. But that’s something I am working to get it out. So from this assignment, I realized how important it is to start my writing as an outline to list what I should write in each paragraph and then start writing. I think it will make my idea clearer and try to use different vocabulary next time in my description.

I can see that my writing style and practices really change based on different rhetorical situations since I know what am I presenting and the audiences that I need to persuade to show my writing in the way that fits the situation best.

Digital Receipts/Digital Receipt #7/Reflection #1

Project 1 Reflection (Digital Receipt 7)

Posted by Shahed Ahmed (He/Him) on

Writing the WLLN has allowed me to look back on my memories and reminisce about my wonderful past. I really enjoyed writing about my experiences in highschool with coding and how it reinforced my love for it. But looking back on my feedback I did see some faults with my writing and how they could have been worked upon. Even though I was writing about significant events in my life, I could have provided more experiences I had with computer science by providing my writing with more media so someone who doesn’t know anything about coding/computer science, can see what it was really about for me.

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