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Digital Receipt #6/Digital Receipt #6

Digital Receipt #6

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My question is If we give up on trying to catch plagiarism by students how will we separate the students who genuinely work hard from those who lack effort? Also, a lot of students who are just good writers get accused of plagiarism when in reality they just have good writing skills, I know in this day and age technology is a really big thing and advances every day but does that neglect the students who put the time and energy into their work ? 

Posts/Digital Receipt #2

Digital Receipt #2

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Rhetorical analysis analyzes the symbolic artifacts of discourse—the words, phrases, images, gestures, performances, texts, films, etc. It involves three different parts which are ethos , logos , and pathos. Logos use data , evidence , and statistics to convey their argument . Pathos uses the audience’s emotion to persuade them for what they are trying to advertise . Ethos is the writers credibility and their character to move the audience to agree with them. I see that rhetorical analysis can also be viewed as a subconscious thing most people don’t even know that they’re doing it . For example while waiting for the train you see another person, you might make a inference based on what they wear, what kind of hairstyle they have , what type of purse/backpack their wearing. Others might call this being judgemental but it can really be viewed as rhetorical analysis. A way how i might participate in rhetorical analysis is me picking what to wear everyday. While most people dress on how they or the weather but I dress on how others might see my outfit, the type of message that certain colors might, and what type of person they might view me as .

Digital Receipt #1/Digital Receipt #1

Digital receipt #1

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From what I’ve read I can confirm we will be going over rhetoric ideas and also having to complete weekly logs based on what we read . Completing the weekly logs is very important and plays a major part in our grade. The logs help us keep track of what we’ve read and learned. At the end of the term I will be using these logs to see my performance and do an assignment. Its important to put your best foot forward when completing the digital receipts so that it’s clear that you understand the concept.

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