Cover Letter

To: Professor Evans, and my dear classmates

During writing this assignment, I know I am writing this for everyone in the class to see my experience. So I need to make sure my tone and my format and language are not too formal but not too casual, I have to control in a sense of storytelling. So the format of my writing will be presented as a story with my thoughts included and I also attached some pictures for people to have an idea of what I am really talking about instead of just lines of sentences.

As I am writing my assignment, I am actually kind of lost and not really happy with what I wrote because it was messed up, the lacking of vocabulary had cause me to fail in expressing my feeling and thoughts about what I saw and experienced. Also, the structure of this assignment is not assigned well and it might cause the readers to get lost in my point and idea. Also, I am always repeating the same idea over and over again in my writing, I guess it was a bad habit that I always had. It’s existence just to fill out the word requirements lol. But that’s something I am working to get it out. So from this assignment, I realized how important it is to start my writing as an outline to list what I should write in each paragraph and then start writing. I think it will make my idea clearer and try to use different vocabulary next time in my description.

I can see that my writing style and practices really change based on different rhetorical situations since I know what am I presenting and the audiences that I need to persuade to show my writing in the way that fits the situation best.

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