Reflection #1, Digital Receipt #7

1) My audience was my classmates and my Professor. I wanted to use formal language for obvious reasons: it was an assignment; however, I wanted to target people who have also struggled with higher-level English courses (AP) to resonate with them more. People who have taken AP Literature or AP language: my Professor, classmates, and anyone reading this piece of work.

2) The first and foremost would be my writing skill and style, writing scientific papers for my high school career. It was challenging at first to develop another style and form that was not always in the active voice/pronouns like I or us in the paper. It was a learning curve for me. I developed analyzing skills, formatting skills, how to make my paper flow, and how to smoothly transition into ideas without slashing paragraphs. My grammar also developed; although I was somewhat proficient and confident in my grammar before, after the course, I understand the formalities of grammar and have a deeper understanding of literary composition.

3) Certain authors and their points of view stood out to me since that was the biggest learning curve, understanding to make their point of view “talk” while trying to prove your point of view/lens impacted my writing and understanding of the article or piece of writing. The context of the articles also mattered since an author may say something that supports your claim, but the statement itself wasn’t about your claim; it only unintentionally supports it. Some may then argue that the piece of evidence does not support your claim: I am assuming that they support my claim without any actual proof.

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