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I am indebted to Missy Watson and Jonathan McVey for their work on the ENGL 110 cloneable model course. Additionally, Carmen Kynard, Andréa Stella, Jody Rachel Rosen, Everest Dalton-Quartz, and others have impacted my pedagogy and my goals to teach student-centered courses.

About Your Instructor

Close-up of JRE, a fat white femme, with blue hair, glasses, and in a button-down ochre shirt

Jesse Rice-Evans is a doctoral candidate in English rhetoric at the CUNY Graduate Center. She’s been teaching writing since 2011 and their poetry, academic work, and essays are widely published. In 2017, they earned a M.A. in Language and Literacy from CCNY! She likes Pokémon, reality TV, and coconut water.

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