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One of my earliest memories of literacy is when I first became interested in reading. I had previously enjoyed reading books from what I can remember, but they didn’t last long, such as the magisterium series, charlotte’s web, or wings of fire series. It was always an on-and-off kind of thing where I would lose interest for a more extended period of time than when I gained it, right after finishing a book. However, it all changed in sixth grade, when my class read Percy Jackson for the first time.

In elementary school we often did read-aloud as a class, where the kids would sit on the floor surrounding the teacher, a copy of the reading in each person’s hands, following along as the teacher or another student reads aloud. Just writing this gives me nostalgia. I don’t recall another time when I was as excited for a story as I was for this one. Unless you count Judy Blume’s Fudge tales, but honestly even that doesn’t compare.  Everything was heightened in these moments, my participation, eagerness, discussion, and imagination. So much so, that I used to read ahead, always opening my mouth to rant about it, putting those colorful sticky tabs all around it, and even staying up late at night.

To this day it probably still is one of my favorite books. Nothing had a hold on me like the Percy Jackson book, and later the series. I thought I reached the max capacity for this beloved series but then at the end, I find out were doing movie night and watching the Percy Jackson movie. We got all cozied up in our PJs with popcorn and drinks, screaming “it’s not done yet!” before the end credit scene. The joy I felt was indescribable, I wish I could feel that again. 

This summer, I had a summer camp counselor in training job, watching over this small class of kids, and I was assigned to go diving in a storage unit for books for them to read.  I found a whole stash of Percy Jackson books, and brought two back with me, praying one of the kids would be interested in reading even though they were around 8-10 years old, I tried my hardest to convince them every day. It didn’t work, but another teacher did pick it up to read just as I did. Every day when the silent reading time came around, I sat on a chair and re-read Percy Jackson by myself after so many years, finishing it by the time my summer job ended. I realized how much of it I forgot and went on again talking to the teachers and friends and family. Then proceeding to rewatch the movie again just so I could pull at the differences.

Reading Percy Jackson really opened a window for me, one that I never thought I would stay in. Onward from this moment, for the rest of the year and even in middle school I stayed on top of my game always making sure to up my reading level and discover new books I loved.  Books such as the Divergent series, shadow hunter series, hazelwood trilogy, etc. I grew a love for getting lost in these worlds I created in my head from all the books that I read.

“Reading Gives Us Someplace To Go When We Have To Stay Where We Are.”

Mason Cooley

It became something I enjoyed doing that really benefited me, and this time it was a long-lasting effect, even though I don’t always have the time now. But when I do I take advantage of it. 

Week #2 Response/Week #2 Response

Backpacks vs Briefcases Response

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Backpacks vs. Briefcases by Laura Bolin Carroll talks about Rhetorical Analysis.  The author starts off by opening a scenario to the reader in order to get one thinking about first impressions.  She helps visualize the first day of class when our professor first walks in.  The questions that come to mind, the observations we make, and the judgment that it results in. Only after reading this did I realize that I have in fact done this to my professor without even knowing it. Just in a more limited way, since we only get to meet on a zoom conference call. So, I made sure to expand my resources without knowing of course, that subconsciously I was doing this to make a fair judgment of character.  The first thing I did was look up “Jesse Rice – Evans’ ‘ on Rate My Professor. That was my first step in gaining intel to draw my conclusion.  I was so relieved and happy to see the rating and read the comments on what others had to say about them. That was also the first textual interpretation, the second being when I received a response from them by email. I was unaware that I was judging the language professor Evans used in the email, but they sounded enthusiastic and welcoming, further adding to my so-far favorable conclusion. I also dived into the website she had linked under her email to further gather information. Following that, I had watched the zoom recording and joined the next zoom meeting in which I had the chance to see her live. I unknowingly made good judgments off of her cute hair style, her attitude and energy. I even took into notice her background and little details such as the little avocado drawing on her wall, super cute. I drew a solid conclusion that she seemed like an amazing person who would lead an easy and enjoyable class.

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