Digital Receipt #7 (Reflection #1)

       This story will greatly reflect me on a chapter in my life where I had to develop and face a tough challenge that I still must deal with at this day in age, my pronunciation between 2 of my languages of English and Spanish. My problem with having to learn how to speak 2 different languages while learning how to speak in general as well has always bothered me and affected my mental health for a while which caused me to seek out for professional help at my school for years. My audience that I want to listen to my story are those who have had the same problems with my speaking would be those students and even adults who must try living a life especially in the United States where everyone is diverse and are from many countries around the world. 

       I want my story to reach those who don’t feel comfortable speaking up and trying to learn how to socialize in public since speaking to others is a normal deed in our society. My reflection on taking steps to better develop my grammar with English and Spanish especially since both I must use in my daily life and in my household brings back many memories on the struggles on my path to better myself socialize and not shy away those who have wanted to talk to me. Some of the meaningful insights that I’ve reflected from my story would be my young 4-year-old self-trying to make it through and learn how to talk to people like a normal person. This important insight helps look back at the time where I couldn’t determine between the words “there” and “theirs” and shows that till this day I struggle with pronunciation and grammar. These insights like reflecting how much better I am with socializing with people and proving to myself that by having practice with something will better help my life for the future. 

     To conclude my stressful young story, some terms like pathos and ethos would better reflect the way I could be able to have this story reach out to others that could relate to me and understand how stressful life would have been. Pathos was shown in the story trying to express my emotions from distress to anger for the times I’ve tried my hardest learning at a young age for about 3 years and was the hardest class I’ve had to get through and learn English and Spanish grammar at the same time. Ethos would be proven to show others that my story could be related to others and have more trust in my story since I did grow up with immigrant parents in a household only speaking Spanish and having to learn English as well. 

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