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Digital Receipt #2/Digital Receipt #2

Digital Receipt #2

Posted by Cai Rong Li on

Based on “Backpacks vs. Briefcases: Steps Towards Rhetorical Analysis” by Laura Bollin Carrol, people use rhetorical analysis in daily life to communicate with other people without even realizing that it was used. Rhetorical analysis can be used to solve problems and help people interact with one another. For instance, I use rhetorical analysis to decide where to eat with my friends. Before going to a restaurant to have dinner, I would search up the rating of restaurants and view their comments on social media platforms. This would help me have a basic understanding of how the quality of the service the restaurant provides to its customers. In addition, I would view the images of the environment and food to see if I like the environment and the food served by the restaurant. If I am satisfied with the restaurant after viewing these factors, I would suggest the restaurant to my friends and try to persuade them to eat there. In order to persuade them, I would present them with images of the most popular dishes served by the restaurant and encourage them to try it out since it looks very delicious. If there’s videos of people visiting the restaurant on YouTube, I would also watch the video to have a detailed outlook of the restaurant before visiting the restaurant. Video is a more effective way compared to looking at posts because it will show the audience a direct review of the restaurant and help people make their choice more effectively. Looking through social media posts become essential in people’s life because it gives people ideas and inspires people to try different things in the world that they might not try without looking at the post. In today’s society, social media platforms play a major role in all topics such as politics, fashion, sports, and games. Videos and posts on social media help everyday people make their choice and influence one another to support their beliefs.

Posts/Digital Receipt #2/Week #2 Response

Digital Receipt #2 (Week #2 Backpacks)

Posted by John Suquinagua (He) on

When remembering a moment with rhetoric used was an ad I saw in Youtube done by Peta I think. It started with an owl screaming which probably appeals to pathos. Due to no one liking to hear an animal in pain and then would proceed by mentioning how experiments were being done with the owl, while the owl screaming is still being played. Another instance of rhetoric I saw being used was St Jude Children’s Research hospital with how they show children in hospitals and having small interviews with them. This appeal to pathos with how children in pain ain’t great to see. Possible people who are affected by that could be parents because of how parents tend to be close to children so it would appeal to their hearts. I would think in a rhetorical way when I choose what to wear to head outside sometimes. This is mainly done by me wearing long sleeves more than short sleeves. A bit of that has to do with me not wanting to show too much skin and being self conscious of what others think. During some ads I watch on tv tend to sell medicine or devices that could help out people. They would always mention that the product is always approved by a doctor which is a sign of ethos. That’s due to a credible person approving of the item which is a doctor, who’s fields are usually on people’s health. Cell phone services would make ads saying they have great networks by showing how far a phone can be used without WIFI. The rhetoric used would be logos because they show a map of the United States and how their service would cover most of the place, they even put side by side with another competitor network service to show they have the better service.


Class September 13, 2022

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/they) on

See y’all at 2pm at our class Zoom link!

Be prepared to discuss the WLLN assignment!

We will also spend time during class today working on some brainstorming for the WLLN assignment. Please come prepared to write on a device of your choosing!

Gentle reminder to not email me any of your work. I cannot filter thousands of daily emails. Please post everything to the course site using the appropriate post category!

Digital Receipt #2/Digital Receipt #2

Digital Receipt#2

Posted by Shaoqin Li (He/him) on

After reading “Backpacks vs. Briefcases: Steps Towards Rhetorical Analysis” by Laura Bollin Carroll, I find out there is actually a lot of rhetoric that is in our daily life and we are using rhetorical analysis all the time without knowing it. One of the rhetoric that I have seen is an advertisement about bubble tea. Let’s explain what bubble tea is in case somebody doesn’t know, bubble tea can be considered a drink mixed with milk, sugar, and tea is a famous drink in China. And the ad about bubble tea is on the Chinese version of TikTok called “douyin”, as known, TikTok is a short video app, so this ad must have a very attractive headline or slogan and content that makes people have the patience to watch the ad and will remember it. So this sponsored video is basically a drama that talks about the autumn season coming, a girl is walking on the road, rubbing her hands because she was freezing, and suddenly her boyfriend comes out from her back, holding her hand and gives her as warm bubble tea to warm her hand, the video at this time is about to end, at the last scene, a slogan comes out. Saying “ the first cup of bubble tea in the fall”. And after 12 hrs, this ad went on fire and it became very trending on TikTok, during that time period, basically, every three videos, one video is about bubble tea. But to be honest, I actually couldn’t get the point of it because I realized it was an advertisement from those bubble tea facilities. They are combining bubble tea with the love of a couple, just the diamond strategy. The exigence of this case is your girlfriend is freezing. The audience then will be those couples because the girls want the boys to buy them bubble tea to show how much he loves them. The constraint is just the limiting of time since it was posted on TikTok, and the reason why they posted it here is also to facilitate the audience since usually, young people will care about this stuff and TikTok was mostly for young people that are using.

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