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Digital Receipt # 3

Posted by Harin D on

Harin Dharmasena 

Digital Receipt #3

Reading, Listening, Viewing  

This week I spent approximately 1 hour going over the week number 2 assignment responses. From the documents, I chose two peers’ responses. I understood each one and was able to figure out how they used rhetorical analysis. I spent time making sure that I understood everything in the document. I went over their responses and how they used rhetorical analysis.


This week our only writing assignment was to respond to two peers’ week 2 responses. We were to take comments on them by asking, what did you learn from this post? what questions do you have for the post’s author? This took me about 20 to 30 minutes in total to do, as I was slowly figuring out what my peers had written about. After I was able to comment on their responses and complete the assignment. During this assignment, I worked at a normal speed trying to learn what the assignment was asking for. I do not believe that I struggled at this yet did my best.  

Providing & Responding to Feedback   

As this is the third week of assignments for this course, I have not really received any feedback yet but am hoping to get some feedback on how to better improve my digital receipts and how to further understand what I need to improve upon.  


I learned how to give feedback on my peer’s work and better use the comments feature. I think I completed the assignment as best as I could, although I hope to learn with future assignments. I am slowly learning how to take what I learned from my peers and implement it into my future assignments. I have a basic understanding of the WLLN Assignment prompt and am looking forward to receiving feedback on my assignment on how to better improve. 


Thus, because it is the third week of class, and I have only had such a few times with my classmates, but I have collaborated and given my feedback to my peers. I have introduced myself through the course site and through our week #1 and week #2 assignments. Other than that, I haven’t had much communication besides the comments I have given, I am looking forward to collaborating and working with my peers in the coming weeks.  

Digital Receipt #3/Digital Receipt #3

Digital Receipt 3

Posted by Barthendrick on
After reading the response by Ayesha, I was able to understand we use rhetorical analysis in our daily lives. This can be seen through social media and how we communicate with others epically friends and family.
After reading the response by Anniel, I was able to understand how rhetoric is seen everyday. We see this in ads on tv and social media, billboards and other places. This is primarily used in advertisements because their goal is to persuade you to use their product or donate money to their cause.
Digital Receipt #3/Digital Receipt #3

Digital Receipt 3- Teresa Calcano

Posted by Teresa Calcano on

From reading Samea’s week 2 response, I learned I make natural decisions by using rhetorical analysis, such as choosing a professor from rating my professor. What are other ways you used rhetorical analysis outside of school?

From reading Harin’s week 2 response, I learned rhetorical analysis is decisions we choose by what’s most comfortable or convenient to us. For example, the classroom seats concept Harin stated, I can admit that I like to sit in the back seat of the classroom because that is what is most convenient when I want to be unbothered. Are there examples of rhetorical analysis you have outside of school?

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