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Digital Receipt #6/Digital Receipt #6

Digital Recipet #6

Posted by Jia Yi Karen Li (She/Her) on


  • If Writing is based on trends and times, why is texting the only reason why grammar and literacy is getting worse? There could be other reasons, like teaching and education, may be the reason.
  • Gamification, or more broadly digital technology, seems to make education better but why isn’t more utilized.
  • What if all the technology ruins children’s perceptions and/or attention spans?
  • Does the new usage of technology create a greater divide between generations?
Digital Receipts/Digital Receipt #10/Week #10 Response

Digital Receipt #10

Posted by John Suquinagua (He) on

When searching up for the rhetorical assignment, I already had in mind what source to use for it. That source was the promotional material for the St Jude Children Hospital. This was mainly because I remember seeing so much promos of it during when I watched a lot of tv in the past. They would well show the kids in the promo explaining their condition and what they went through. This was a perfect example of pathos because it uses mainly emotions of people since no one would want to see children in pain.

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