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Week #2 Response/Week #2 Response

Backpacks vs Briefcases Response

Posted by Samea Ahmed (she/her) on

Backpacks vs. Briefcases by Laura Bolin Carroll talks about Rhetorical Analysis.  The author starts off by opening a scenario to the reader in order to get one thinking about first impressions.  She helps visualize the first day of class when our professor first walks in.  The questions that come to mind, the observations we make, and the judgment that it results in. Only after reading this did I realize that I have in fact done this to my professor without even knowing it. Just in a more limited way, since we only get to meet on a zoom conference call. So, I made sure to expand my resources without knowing of course, that subconsciously I was doing this to make a fair judgment of character.  The first thing I did was look up “Jesse Rice – Evans’ ‘ on Rate My Professor. That was my first step in gaining intel to draw my conclusion.  I was so relieved and happy to see the rating and read the comments on what others had to say about them. That was also the first textual interpretation, the second being when I received a response from them by email. I was unaware that I was judging the language professor Evans used in the email, but they sounded enthusiastic and welcoming, further adding to my so-far favorable conclusion. I also dived into the website she had linked under her email to further gather information. Following that, I had watched the zoom recording and joined the next zoom meeting in which I had the chance to see her live. I unknowingly made good judgments off of her cute hair style, her attitude and energy. I even took into notice her background and little details such as the little avocado drawing on her wall, super cute. I drew a solid conclusion that she seemed like an amazing person who would lead an easy and enjoyable class.

Digital Receipt #1/Digital Receipt #1

Digital receipt #1

Posted by Anniel Buckley (she/her) on

From what I’ve read I can confirm we will be going over rhetoric ideas and also having to complete weekly logs based on what we read . Completing the weekly logs is very important and plays a major part in our grade. The logs help us keep track of what we’ve read and learned. At the end of the term I will be using these logs to see my performance and do an assignment. Its important to put your best foot forward when completing the digital receipts so that it’s clear that you understand the concept.

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