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Digital Receipts/Digital Receipt #10/Week #10 Response

Digital Receipt #10

Posted by John Suquinagua (He) on

When searching up for the rhetorical assignment, I already had in mind what source to use for it. That source was the promotional material for the St Jude Children Hospital. This was mainly because I remember seeing so much promos of it during when I watched a lot of tv in the past. They would well show the kids in the promo explaining their condition and what they went through. This was a perfect example of pathos because it uses mainly emotions of people since no one would want to see children in pain.

Digital Receipts/Digital Receipt #10

Digital Receipt #10

Posted by Shahed Ahmed (He/Him) on

For Digital Receipt #10, I have decided on reading on what assignment #3 is since I finished all my other assignments. For assignment #3, we have to write a research essay where we will look into current argumentative topics and present it to a specific audience. We’re free to pick any topic that we feel most comfortable writing about which made me think of a few options. I may end up writing this assignment on gun laws and how I think they should be prohibited more for the safety of the public. We have to use 4-7 sources total, consisting of 1-2 scholarly sources, 2-3 non-scholarly sources, and 1-2 multimedia sources. And in our attempts to persuade the audience into our argument, we should use rhetorical strategies to do so. The final essay should be 5-6 pages with a MLA style work cited page at the end.

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