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Class #13: Async Only

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/they) on


Let’s take a break tomorrow and use class time to work on assignment #3.

When we return from the long weekend, we’ll SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT #3 BY 11/29 EOD by posting it to the course site! (Use “Researched Essay” category!)

See everyone synchronously on 11/29! Eat a snack and get some rest!



Class #12: “Open Classroom”

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/they) on


We’re using class this and next week as work time! Please bring any questions you have on assignment #3 – researched essay. We will also set up Breakout Rooms for folks who want to co-work together!

Possible topics for questions:

Citations – which format? why? how?

Finding and Evaluating Sources – how? where to look? 

Audience – who are you trying to convince? what considerations do you need to prioritize?

How to Integrate Sources – summary v. paraphrase v. quote

If your time this and next week are better used not attending class, that is fine. Please be sure to submit your digital receipt for the week so I have a record of what you worked on!

See folks at 2pm at our UPDATED ZOOM LINK:



Class #8: Oct. 11, 2022

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/they) on

Hello all,

Please join for class tomorrow 11 October at 2pm at our regular Zoom link! We’ll play catch-up and talk about plans for the next couple of weeks. If you’re confused about what is going on, you are not alone! Let’s talk about it.

If you have not submitted your stuff for this week, don’t worry about the deadline for this week. We will spend time in class making sure you all complete this week’s submission. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone!



What’s Going On?

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/they) on

Hi all,

First, I want to extend my apologies for being a little out of touch.

I actually just accepted a full-time job at CUNY, which is super exciting for me, but it means my attention has been divided and I have *not* been doing a good job keeping up with getting feedback to y’all. This will not impact you or our class beyond me being very slow to respond to your work!

AS SUCH, the WLLN is going to be a completion-only grade. This means if you turn in the WLLN by posting it to the course site, you will receive full credit. In class, we will compose short reflections together to think about the process of creating your WLLNs.

Next week is ALSO A HOLIDAY and we will meet asynchronously only. For Class #7, we will all look over Assignment #2: Rhetorical Analysis and look at a sample of this assignment from one of my past students! 

I remain grateful for your patience. Please stay tuned for updates to the course schedule to reflect these changes. 


Class #6: Async Only

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/they) on


Reminder that today is a holiday!! We will be doing async work only this and next week to account for the holiday closures.

Please stay tuned for another update a bit later with instructions for this and next week’s work!

Hope you are enjoying the nicer weather and staying safe!



Class #5 – Async Only

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/they) on


A reminder that we will not meet tomorrow 9/20/22. Please post your WLLN Draft to our course site and respond to 2 of your peers’ posts before we next meet on 9/27/22.

Responses to some questions:

Do you have an example of a multimodal WLLN?  – Yes. Here is mine from a class I took 6 years ago:

Does my submission for the WLLN need to be exactly one page? – NO – the point of submitting a draft is to get some feedback from me and your peers. Requirements are there to help you. If they are not helpful for you, talk to me.

Where can I submit my work? – You will navigate to our course website. You will log into your CUNY Commons account. You will navigate to our site Dashboard –> Posts –> Add New. You will type your post here and choose the corresponding category and then you will publish this post. 

What now? – Navigate to the WLLN Drafts category in the site menu. Leave a comment on two of your colleagues’ posts based on the peer review worksheet.

OK? Stay tuned to our course site for more soon. Thank you all!

Digital Receipt #4/WLLN Draft/Digital Receipt #4/WLLN Draft

Digital Receipt #4/WLLN Draft

Posted by Derek on

WLLN Essay

     To say the least for my life, I have always had the bad feeling of being embarrassed and uncomfortable speaking to people in real life. No matter what since a very young age, I’ve always had problems with talking to people in public on any subject. With the combination of being shy and enclosed by myself since I was young, it was always hard making friends which made me very quiet and not be able to talk to people. This made my life very hard with trying to improve my grammar and develop many psychological problems for myself. 

     Since the very early age of around 3, I began to talk to my parents in my first language which is Spanish and till this day I only talk in Spanish in my household. This was hard for me to learn both languages at the same time since both I’ve had to memorize, and it was hard for me to develop proper grammar. My mom and dad would be the ones teaching me how to speak Spanish in the house while I also had to learn how to speak English in elementary school. This led me to becoming very enclosed and shy around people who wanted me to speak even though I only knew how to speak Spanish. At around 3rd grade when I transferred to my new school, I started taking ELS classes to help develop and improve my English grammar. For about 3 years until I graduated Elementary, I would only go to these classes for twice a week in order to improve how to speak English properly and have conversations. I would be scared to speak to my teacher, and it would be hard to learn quickly especially since it is hard to start conversations since I was very embarrassed if I ever messed up a sentence. 

Digital Receipt #6/Digital Receipt #6

Digital Receipt #6 Question

Posted by Derek on

To ask any question about the article, I have a question that has been stuck in my mind for so long now is Will technology like writing on an iPad with a stylus be considered the same as writing on a paper with a pencil since it is the same except one is technology and one is with paper? I have a feeling texting may alter people’s IQ and grammar but the future may hold writing on tablets and replace with paper. Fact: My high school had Apple iPads and gave us styluses to use since I first started in 7th grade all the way to senior year so I was barely used to writing with paper.

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