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Digital Receipt #6/Digital Receipt #6

Digital Receipt #6

Posted by Lis Osea Castro Colmenares (they/them/their) on

After reading the articles, I asked myself whether the arguments around technology and literacy contradicted the popular belief that technology improved education. I’ve had discussions not only with my classmates but my mentors as well who have differing opinions about the impact of technology. In a history class, I took my last year of high school, my teacher advised us to take handwritten notes because it would improve our understanding of the topic. Yet, I had typed the notes for my other classes excluding his. Rather than technology impacting our abilities as writers, it is how technology affects our attention span to hone everyday skills.


What’s Going On?

Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/they) on

Hi all,

First, I want to extend my apologies for being a little out of touch.

I actually just accepted a full-time job at CUNY, which is super exciting for me, but it means my attention has been divided and I have *not* been doing a good job keeping up with getting feedback to y’all. This will not impact you or our class beyond me being very slow to respond to your work!

AS SUCH, the WLLN is going to be a completion-only grade. This means if you turn in the WLLN by posting it to the course site, you will receive full credit. In class, we will compose short reflections together to think about the process of creating your WLLNs.

Next week is ALSO A HOLIDAY and we will meet asynchronously only. For Class #7, we will all look over Assignment #2: Rhetorical Analysis and look at a sample of this assignment from one of my past students! 

I remain grateful for your patience. Please stay tuned for updates to the course schedule to reflect these changes. 

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