Class #5 – Async Only


A reminder that we will not meet tomorrow 9/20/22. Please post your WLLN Draft to our course site and respond to 2 of your peers’ posts before we next meet on 9/27/22.

Responses to some questions:

Do you have an example of a multimodal WLLN?  – Yes. Here is mine from a class I took 6 years ago:

Does my submission for the WLLN need to be exactly one page? – NO – the point of submitting a draft is to get some feedback from me and your peers. Requirements are there to help you. If they are not helpful for you, talk to me.

Where can I submit my work? – You will navigate to our course website. You will log into your CUNY Commons account. You will navigate to our site Dashboard –> Posts –> Add New. You will type your post here and choose the corresponding category and then you will publish this post. 

What now? – Navigate to the WLLN Drafts category in the site menu. Leave a comment on two of your colleagues’ posts based on the peer review worksheet.

OK? Stay tuned to our course site for more soon. Thank you all!

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