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Week #2 Response/Digital Receipt #2/Digital Receipt #2/Week #2 Response

Digital Receipt #2

Posted by Teresa Calcano on

Teresa Calcano

Rhetorical analysis is to understand a way to convince others visually, aurally, textual, or through sensory interpretation. There are three methods I use rhetorical analysis in my everyday life. My first method of using rhetorical analysis is through interviews. I assert that I am a responsible person who takes her work seriously. I put on my button-collared shirt with my trousers to persuade my interviewer as a potential candidate to hire. By sitting up correctly and talking confidently, I show my interviewer that I am confident and can be a good employee. To get them intrigued, I use words such as efficiency, and understanding, and positively explain my weaknesses at the workplace. My second method of using rhetorical analysis is through convincing. For example, I convinced my friend to listen to a new pop artist I found. I influenced her by explaining that she is an artist that brings confidence to her listeners and cares about self-love and acceptance. I showed a few of her songs and explained the message behind her song and music video. Therefore, I encourage my friend how the artist stands out in the music industry. Also, I demonstrate that the pop genre can bring a message, such as the RNB genre or Rap. My third method of using rhetorical analysis is through social media. For example, on my Facebook, the pictures are of me and family members outside. Through these pictures, people can assume I am a family person; I am a very outgoing and social person. My social media can influence my friend requests or determines who will approach me to be friends and who won’t. Almost all of my Instagram followers are fashion pages or college students. They are adults with many accomplishments. My following can tell people that I like fashion, I have goals and am working toward them, and I am pursuing a college degree.

Digital Receipt #1/Digital Receipt #1

Digital Receipt #1

Posted by Teresa Calcano on

Teresa Calcano

I have read Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing, “When Your Grades Are Based on Labor”, and the Labor Log in two hours. The takeaway I got from the text understanding rhetoric is the influence outside factors play on writing. Such as, questioning what audience the author wants to target and the message it is portraying. The takeaway I got from the second text is next time I take risks in my writing or in other words try something new to help improve my writing.

Digital Receipt #6/Digital Receipt #6

Digital receipt #6

Posted by Cai Rong Li on

My question after reading the article “Bad Ideas about writing and digital technology” is how texting ruins a student’s grammar skills if students are just texting informally to others. Why does grammar matter when texting? Nowadays, people often use abbreviations and made up words to better express their feelings while socializing with other people.

Digital Receipt #4/WLLN/WLLN Draft/Digital Receipt #4/WLLN/WLLN Draft

WLLN Draft Assignment

Posted by Min Aung Zaw (he) on

 Life is the journey of learning. We are learning every single day that you are alive the same as me. We always need to face issues on the way of learning, sometimes they can be solved in a minute, sometimes you need to spend a day, a week, a month to finally figure out the solution for the issues or problems. But I pretty enjoy the time spent trying to find the answer for the issue and how this answer really works for this specific issue. The most interesting thing that I learn in my life is computer hardware. When I was a middle school student in my home country, I started to be in touch with the most successful human invention product ever, Computer. The thing that contains a world that is ten times, hundred times, thousand times bigger than our real world. This new world not only shocks me about the intelligence of the human, but also makes me have a huge interest in how this computer is created and how they put thousands, millions of electric currents in the small litter metal box. Because of the passion of hunting for the answer for how the computer can understand the orders that humans give and how the computer completes the orders, I began the learning trip about studying computer languages and computer hardwares. 

At the beginning, I learned most of my knowledge about computers from the internet via videos and websites. I took my first computer class at my high school. I still remember I learn C++ language in this class and that was the first time I learned about C++. My teacher is very patient, he always clearly explains how every single command and function loop works in the program. I still remember spending a bunch of time understanding the logic in the programming language and learning the way to think for solving the questions. I always read the question first and break down the question in many steps. By solving all the single steps and combining them together into the big step to reach out the final intention.  

 He always lets us play with these commands and functions to create the thing that we want to do. Because of this class I started to know that only learning one computer language is not enough to be a computer engineer and let me recognize that I have a lot of things needed to learn to be a professional computer engineer. One more thing that very interests me is the way that they build the computer hardwares especially the CPU (Central Processing Unit). One of my passions is creating the new powerful and effective CPU. It can advance not only for the computer system but also can approve all the fields that rely on the capacity of computers’ solving and calculation ability like finance, entertainment, environmental protection and medical etc….

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