WLLN Assignment #1 (Cover Letter, Digital Receipt 7)

While writing this paper, I began to tailor it with the audience by explaining in detail how I got into literature. That’s why I had explained what happened to me in 9th grade with learning new things about literature like foreshadowing. Which later on affected me into watching more stories in media like Black Mirror, Attack on Titan, Death Note and more shows. I then begin to explain one of those shows that is Black Mirror to show how much detail was placed into it. This should hopefully show the viewer on why I like this aspect of literature and an example of that being used in a show. What I noticed when I wrote this was that I was able to write a lot more than I thought because in some other papers I would have a harder time to write more things in it to meet the quota on how much should be written. Here not so much due to the subject being something I enjoy to see and explaining it was pretty nice and relaxing. Another insight was my writing seems basic where I have simple English, I don’t say any complicated words just using simple words. I have seen it in my other works too where I don’t use more complex words or sentences I think anyways. Concepts that have impacted my piece as well as the author since it seems the creators for at least Black mirror have made sure to explain more things of the episode they made and how they placed a lot of detail in it. Whether one was having music that represented the characters personalities or how they took inspiration from things that had happened in real life.

Stories have interested me in the past but those were mainly from what I remember shows from tv like Spider man or Spongebob. Books I had mainly seen when I needed to but I would usually choose magic treehouse series of books because I did like the stories and adventures the characters get me. They were all interesting but I haven’t known them much other than being fun until 9th grade. 9th grade I had an English class which was okay during the beginning, however when we reach I think the middle and end of the year. We began to learn about literary devices, they are an aspect of writing that can be identified and help it out. Only one that has stuck with me to this day was foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is when a hint to something that happens in the story in the future. This had me interested a lot when I heard about it and the reading I think we had and analyzed was the Veldt. In there it had some analyzing we had to do and one I remembered while writing this was the lions. In the end of the story the lions had eaten some people, this was possibly foreshadowed with how in the beginning it talked about lions eating and it heading to drink water, exactly what it had done at the end of the story. This was a spark of interest with things later on in the future furthering my interest, an example was a show they revealed in that class being Black Mirror. It led to me searching the show with how interesting the concept was and how much detail is placed into each episode which has its own story in them. They had introduced a new literary device that was symbolism. Symbolism is things that tend to represent other things. An example could be using pink to represent love or red to represent something dangerous. These two literary devices had me look into more shows and enjoy stories even more with them. Some of these shows or stories were Attack on Titan, Death Note, Xenoblade and possibly more that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

Black Mirror is a show about technology and how people are seen using the technology. It’s a dark show at times showing how technology can affect people in the future, whether it’s by a rate system people can do to others that determine their status in the world or making digital clones of people. All the episodes have their own stories making it an anthology series that can have some references to previous episodes. They also contain some details whether it’s symbolism or foreshadowing.

An example of symbolism was in the episode “15 million merits” with the main character receiving a hand crafted penguin statue, representing it being much more real and heartwarming. Then at the end he receives a penguin statue that’s made from a factory, this is to show at the start he was willing to fight the system they had lived on. This was a system where to get a better life you needed some celebrity like America’s Got Talent. However, when he vented his frustration he then gained his own show about saying he will fight the system and tell everyone to not give up. That is all an act for a show, revealing he traded his will to fight for a good cause to get a better lifestyle which could be debated is still not real. Another instance with symbolism and also foreshadowing was “Black Christmas”, in a scene there are two people about to have alone time. There is a wall with three Xs that glow red which indicate the situation they are in on both that part but also the violence that will soon happen. There was another shot with the girl leaving only to then be followed up by a scene with a character sharpening his knife. There are more scenes and episodes that show something like, I recommend checking it out at least the first few seasons.

When discovering literature it can be nice to see the little details that soon become prevalent later on makes me see how much care was placed into writing the stories. Showing how everything is connected made me even want to try writing stories myself. Due to how great it can be to see a story come together, the lessons shown, small bits to show something grander later on. It has made me watch more stories mainly in anime, games and sometimes some books. The stories have also impacted me like Black Mirror with the technology being shown in the series becoming more and more real which scares me.

I just found out that in an interview the creators for that episode had actually inspired the robot dogs from the dog from the left, regardless the advances that had been done as of now is impressive and scary to think of at least for me.

Like the dogs from metalhead or the app that lets people review others on how they act from the episode nosedive. I hope to soon learn more about stories and what they offer to the readers.

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