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Assignments/Digital Receipt #7


Posted by Min Aung Zaw (he) on

Every advertisement uses Rhetoric methods (ethos, pathos and logos) to make people interested in it. For this assignment I will analyze the advertisement from Gatorade (One of the large power energy drink companies). They always invite the biggest superstar in any kind of sport. For example, in this advertisement, they invited Michael Jordan to endorse their drink. From this example we can know that they use logos and ethos to make people connect thinking that all professional basketball players might drink Gatorade and show that their energy drink is very effective. They also used the influence of Michael Jordan to make their brand well-known. Most of their customers are people who play any kind of sport, which is why they always invite superstars from sports like Michael Jordan and Usain Bolt and they always sponsor a lot of sports competitions.

They put “WORKS 30% FASTER THAN WATER” beside Michael Jordan, as like he is talking this sentence to the customers. Because of ethos methods, people might believe that this energy drink works 30% faster than water. They compare water with their drink because we drink water every day and we can’t service without water especially people who play sports they need more water than normal people. This example is only a little part of Gatorade’s advertisement. They always sign new famous superstars from sports to endorse their brand to make them always relative with professional sports.  

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