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Week #2 Response/Week #2 Response

Week 2 Response

Posted by Anniel Buckley (she/her) on

Some rhetoric things that I see and hear on a daily basis would have been the “Kars4Kids” ads that play while I’m watching the news in the morning and also this billboard ad for Apple advertising Ipads. The Kars4Kids ad uses pathos to try to persuade its audience to donate their cars to this company so that the money goes to low-income children. It plays right after the news because the news is something that mostly older people watch so they would be more likely to donate their car rather than a teenager. The billboard ad for apple uses lago while trying to inform about  how high powered their new Ipad is and how it compares to other tablets. This ad is trying to persuade people to buy the newest. Ipad When I wake up every morning for school and try to pick an outfit for the day I am subconsciously thinking in a rhetorical way. How people will view my outfit or hair plays a big part because I always try to look put together and dress my best .The message I’m trying to communicate is that I’m a put together and friendly person. Back in high school we used to have speakers come to our school and we would have a drug assembly where they would tell us how bad drugs were for and what can happen if you continue to start taking drugs . The exigence was that they believed if they could stop drug use at early teenage stages they would have a chance to prevent it long term. The audience were high school students because most people start heavy drugs while they’re still in high school. The constraints would be the limit on how graphic they could go in order to see the effects of drugs.

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