Digital Receipt #2: Backpacks Response

On a daily basis, I see and hear examples of rhetoric like ads to download other applications, mainly games, or buy items, like makeup or toys, on Instagram, and on other social media platforms, on emails that are trying to get me to sign up for an event or cause, and on streaming services to keep me watching by recommending me similar content. Also, on certain posts on social media and news sites that promote products or try to influence my personal opinion of current world issues. Some ways that I create rhetoric are how I present myself with my clothes, hair, posture, and how I act or communicate. I try to communicate how I am approachable and kind with my simple clothing and tone of voice. I also try to show that I am relaxed and a little lazy with my slumped posture. Lastly, my colored hair can show that I am a fun and bright person. An example of a rhetorical situation that I have found myself in is trying to convince my parents into letting my sister and me get a dog. The exigence is a responsibility my parents want me and my sister to take on, the issue is that they are not sure what that responsibility they want us to take on is. The audience in this rhetorical situation is my parents. They are the ones that my sister and I must convince in order to get a dog. The constraints are the fact that my parents were averse to getting a dog due to the high cost and maintenance needed to care for a dog. Another constraint was my mother’s pickiness on what kind of dog she would be okay with, not a dog too big or small and a dog that is able to protect the home.

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