Digital Receipt #2

This document “Backpacks vs. Briefcases: Steps: toward Rhetorical Analysis” by Laura Bolin Carroll is about how people like to make tough decisions and conclude on everything based on visuals, actions and auditory sense, another word called Rhetorical Analysis and it mentioned making Rhetorical Analysis on media is necessary and useful because on media there is tons of information and we constantly have a time to buy something, act in some way, believe something to be true, by applying Rhetorical Analysis we can quickly eliminate all the information that unrelated with the goal that we want to achieve. Making rhetorical analysis is very important for daily life too, people can only use information that they are informed to analyze and understand situations quickly and effectively. I used a lot of rhetorical analysis when I was searching for everything that I needed on the internet. As I mentioned before there is a ton of information on the internet. If I spend time investigating every single piece of information, I will never achieve the goal that I want, so in this situation Rhetorical Analysis is necessary, useful and effective. Especially when you try to buy things online which you never know how the thing is. So, I need to read the product comment and how buyers react to the product to analyze and make a decision to buy or not.   

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