Digital Receipt #2

Harin Dharmasena 

Digital Receipt #2 

Reading, Listening, Viewing  

This week I spent approximately 1 hour going over the Backpacks vs briefcases by Laura Bollin Carroll and exploring the week number 2 assignment. For the documents, I understood each one and was able to figure out how to use rhetorical analysis and what it is. I spent time making sure that I understood everything in the document. I got how rhetorical analysis works and how we use it in our daily lives without having any recollection of it. While going through this week’s documents I was able to focus easily and easily understand what is required of me. I would say that I worked at my normal speed and work ethic and was able to clearly grasp this week’s workload.   


This week our only writing assignment was to write a 300-word response after reading the backpacks vs briefcases. We were to take an instance we recalled using rhetorical analysis in our daily lives and tell it to the best of our ability. This took me about 20 to 30 minutes in total to do, as I was slowly figuring out what I could describe as rhetorical analysis. After finding a scenario I was able to describe and depict my response and complete the assignment. During this assignment, I worked at a normal speed trying to learn what the assignment was asking for. I do not believe that I struggled at this yet did my best.  

Providing & Responding to Feedback   

As this is the second week of assignments for this course, I have not really received any feedback yet but am hoping to get some feedback on how to better improve my digital receipts and how to further understand what I need to improve upon.  


I learned how to submit my first writing assignment and grasped how this week’s task could benefit my upcoming assignments. I think I completed the writing assignment as best as I could, although I hope to learn with future assignments. I am slowly learning how to implement what I learned into my future assignments like the WLLN. I have a basic understanding of rhetorical analysis and am looking forward to receiving feedback on my assignment on how to better improve. 


Thus, because it is the second week of class, and I have only had such a few times with my classmates, I have not had the chance to collaborate at all. I have introduced myself through the course site and through our week #1 and week #2 assignment. Other than that, I haven’t had much communication, I am looking forward to collaborating and working with my peers in the coming weeks.  

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