Class #3: Asynchronous Only

Hi all,

If you missed our Thursday meeting, you can view the recording here. One major thing we discussed was that I messed up our course meeting time. We are scheduled to meet on Tuesdays: same time, same Zoom link, just a new day. If you cannot make this time work, please contact me. I apologize for the confusion!!!!

Tomorrow I will be attending a conference, so instead of meeting synchronously, I am asking you to respond to at least two of your classmates’ responses to the Backpacks v. Briefcases reading by our next class meeting on TUESDAY SEPT 13, 2022 using the comments feature: what did you learn from this post? what questions do you have for the post’s author?

I’ve updated the course schedule to reflect this and I have added one additional short assignment:

Please closely read the WLLN assignment and make notes of your questions, concerns, and requests for resources. We will discuss this prompt in more detail on September 13, 2022. Please bring your questions with you to class that day!

Digital receipts are due this week as normal!

Thanks again everyone for your patience as we get into a regular routine!


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